Our Awards

We at Virtual Norwegian Aeroclub has a award system that will give you a new award as your hour's in our company increase.

Challenging Airports With high altitudes, short runways and numerous challenging approaches, this tour is for you. This tour is not for the fainthearted!
Oceanic & Oriental Capitals Tour Finnishing the Oceanic & Oriental Capitals Tour
Silk Road Tour award Finnishing Silk Road Tour
Alaska Tour Awarded for completed the Alaska Tour
Canada North Tour Given for finnishing the Canada North Tour
World Tour 2023 Given for finnishing the World Tour 2023
Europa Capital Tour Given for finnishing the Europa Capital Tour
Norway Tour Awarded for completed the Norway Tour
10000 Hours Passing 10000 Hours at VNC.
7500 Hours Passing 7500 Hours at VNC.
5000 Hours Passing 5000 Hours at VNC.
2500 Hours Passing 2500 Hours at VNC.
1500 Hours Passing 1500 Hours at VNC.
1000 Hours Passing 1000 Hours at VNC.
500 Hours Passing 500 Hours at VNC.
250 Hours Passing 250 Hours at VNC.
100 Hours Passing 100 Hours at VNC.
50 Hours Passing 50 Hours at VNC.