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Start your new flight sim career with us at VNC.


We are a fictional aeroclub for use in flightsimulator FS9,FSX,FSX-SE, P3D,MSFS2020 and X-PLANE we was created in fall 2013. We have both fixed wing and helicopters in our fleet. We also have a schedule of flights for you. Please feel free to check out our site before you deside to JOIN US. VNC are using the vaBase system to log the flights. For  flying use our vaBase_Live_ACARS-client (you find it under downloads when you are logged in as pilot). We also urge you to registrer on our Forum. You can join us on Discord HERE. 

We at Virtual Norwegian Aeroclub have a grand hangar with both fixed wings and helicopters. With us you can fly everything between the small aircraft Cessna 172,C182,C206 and up to our big aircrafts B738,A320 and all the way up to our big Queen B744. In the helicopter sector we have the Bell 206,Super Puma 332L2 and Augusta Westland AW 139. As off now we have over 1200 routes and more to come.

We also have a award system that award you with the correct award depending on your flight time. The more you fly the more you get. You will also always have a correct statistic of all your flight with us.


Dispatched Flights

Pilot Flight No. Type Dep ICAO Arr ICAO PAX Cargo Aircraft Status
There are no active bookings.

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Current Winds

Latest 10 Flights

Flight No. Departure ICAO Arrival ICAO Pilot Aircraft Landing Rate
"NC1008 ENGM ENBO   VNC104 Airbus A320 NEO VNC -168fpm
"NC1005 LEPA ENGM   VNC104 Airbus A320 NEO VNC -95fpm
"NC1755 LGSR EDDF   VNC111 Boeing 737 - Norwegian -16fpm
"NC1208 ENGM LGSR   VNC111 Boeing 737 - Norwegian -66fpm
"NC1004 ENGM LEPA   VNC104 Airbus A320 NEO VNC -59fpm
"NC1136 EGSS ENGM   VNC104 Airbus A320 NEO VNC -121fpm
"NC1085 ENZV ENGM   VNC111 Boeing 737 - Norwegian -174fpm
"NC0741 LGSK ENZV   VNC111 Boeing 737 - Norwegian -143fpm
"NC1334 EKAH EGSS   VNC104 Airbus A320 NEO VNC -113fpm
"NC1333 EGSS EKAH   VNC104 Airbus A320 NEO VNC -118fpm

Top 5 greased landings this week

Top 5 Landings This Week

Pilot Name Flight Number Airport Date Landing Rate Performance Score
  Gunnar "NC0730 LGSA 2023-05-25 -1fpm 100%
  Gunnar NC2000 LEAL 2023-05-25 -10fpm 100%
  Gunnar "NC1755 EDDF 2023-05-28 -16fpm 100%
  Gunnar NC1977 ESSA 2023-05-24 -37fpm 100%
  Egil-Olav "NC1004 LEPA 2023-05-28 -59fpm 100%

Latest Members

Pilot Name Country Hub Hired Date
  Gunnar Magne Johansen Norway Norway Bodø Airport 2023-02-02
  Jan Kristiansen Norway Norway Bodø Airport 2020-11-13
  Benjamin Vattøy Norway Norway Oslo Airport 2020-11-13
  Sylvia Renate Haugerud Norway Norway Oslo Airport 2021-07-16
  Oskar Kristiansen Norway Norway Bodø Airport 2020-11-15
  Chris Tindslett Norway Norway Bodø Airport 2020-12-15
  Egil-Olav Torstensen Norway Norway Bodø Airport 2020-11-26

News & Events

Congratulation to pilot VNC111
posted by Leif-Rune Kristiansen on 2023-03-15

World tour 2023 is available now.
posted by Leif-Rune Kristiansen on 2023-01-31

Norway Tour is no active.
posted by Leif-Rune Kristiansen on 2022-06-03

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