Canadian North Tour

Explore Canada with VNC. Depart from Toronto Pearson and embark on a 11000+ mile round trip of Canada visiting 24 different airports. Aircraft to use on this tour is: Dash 8 Q400 Dash 8 Q200 De Havilland DHC6 ATR 42-300 TIP: Check our Fleet page to see what aircraft off these four can manage the distance for the route.

Tour Detail & Statistics

Start Date:
31 May 2023 12:00 (UTC)
End Date:
31 Dec 2027 12:00 (UTC)
Legs Flown In Order:
Minimum Rank:
Completion Award:
Completion Bonus XP:
Total Legs:
Time to Complete (Average all pilots):
53 days
1st To Complete:
VNC111 - Gunnar Magne Johansen
Completed By:
2 pilot(s)

Tour Legs

# Depart Arrive Flight Number Aircraft Completed
1 CYYZ CYQT CT001 Any View
2 CYQT CYWG CT002 Any View
3 CYWG CYQR CT003 Any View
4 CYQR CYYC CT004 Any View
5 CYYC CYYJ CT005 Any View
6 CYYJ CYXS CT006 Any View
7 CYXS PAJN CT007 Any View
8 PAJN PAFA CT008 Any View
9 PAFA CYXY CT009 Any View
10 CYXY CYZF CT010 Any View
11 CYZF CYEG CT011 Any View
12 CYEG CYTH CT012 Any View
13 CYTH CYXE CT013 Any View
14 CYXE CYRT CT014 Any View
15 CYRT CYFB CT015 Any View
16 CYFB CYYR CT016 Any View
17 CYYR CYYT CT017 Any View
18 CYYT CYYG CT018 Any View
19 CYYG CYUL CT019 Any View
20 CYUL CYHZ CT020 Any View
21 CYHZ CYSB CT021 Any View
22 CYSB CYFC CT022 Any View
23 CYFC CYQB CT023 Any View
24 CYQB CYOW CT024 Any View
25 CYOW CYYZ CT025 Any View

Tour History

Callsign Name Progress Legs Complete Start Date Last Flown Completion Date Time (days)
VNC104 Egil-Olav
25 21 Jun 2023 13 Sep 2023 13 Sep 2023 84
VNC111 Gunnar
25 14 Jun 2023 06 Jul 2023 06 Jul 2023 22